Campaign signs still clutter parts of Baton Rouge

Thursday, November 15, 2012 - 12:00am

Driving around Baton Rouge you would never think Election Day has passed. The streets are still cluttered with campaign signs; on the highway, by intersections and even in neighborhood and residents don't seem too thrilled.

Kendall Gilmore says, "Once the election is over its just kind of an eyesore you know therein already enough trash and stuff around the city."

"I think they need to be picked up it's been what a week, so just like they went around and stuck them in the ground they nee to go around and pick them up,” says Brodrick Rodney. According to the city of Baton Rouge the signs can be left up, up to 7 days after elections but if they're not picked up, there is really nothing they can do.

Some people understand if it takes a little longer to clean them up. "Well it doesn't really bother me when its on a street corner that busy and crowded with people it doesn't bother me if they are still up understand not being able to get them down right away," says Amber Sacco.

Sacco says she doesn't mind them on busy streets but in residential areas, that's where there is an issue. "But in neighborhood is feel like its rude, its not your area its kind of like littering, this my house this is my property and your have your sign still up. Even though it may not be considered their property at that corner but at the same time its not okay to leave them up that late," said Sacco.

So Baton Rouge street corners will slowly start to clear up as the signs disappear. Tuesday there was one city inspector out collecting some more of the campaign signs throughout the city. The people who put them up are required to collect all the signs they have up, within the next few days.

As for billboards, they can utilize the space as long as they choose, if they purchased the advertising space individually. 


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