Candy to kale, one woman's online career is helping people kick the cravings

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013 - 6:30pm

From email to blogging and of course social media, the internet gives a lot of people an opportunity to be heard. For one Baton Rouge woman, she used it to launch her career.

It's all about helping people in their personal journey, to kick the sugar and start craving healthy food!

Less than one year ago, Niki Driscoll was homeless, with the responsibility of two kids and jobless.

"I have been studying self development and fitness in some way shape or form since I was a little kid, its always fascinated me,” said Driscoll. “So I have just been collecting information over the years."

So she turned to the World Wide Web and used what she knew to help others and of course make some money.

"I put the kids to bed and I would sit in the closet so they didn't know I was awake and I would click on my computer,” noted Driscoll. “I was editing videos, learning graphic design and studying online marketing."

A few months later she started setting up her studio late at night, making content for her site that was aimed at helping people get healthy.

“It was all about how to kick cravings and end emotional eating: how to transform your cravings for candy into your cravings for kale.”

Her pride and joy is something a little unique.

"How to ‘foodgasm’ and get healthy is all about elevating your experience of food."

She even started her kids early, to develop a palette for healthy food first.

"I take them through the process on how to ‘foodgasm’ but I call it something different."

So now Driscoll is taking the internet by storm, with her clever mantra of how to kick the candy and crave that kale.

“I now have an apt now my kids are in school and I have been able to maintain the business



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