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CATS makes the grade in first accountability meeting with public

Friday, August 24, 2012 - 12:00am

In the first of what will be several accountability meetings, a small group of citizens voted to give the Capital Area Transit System an 'A' grade for meeting their first set of goals.

"I was satisfied with the ‘a’ grade. They met all of our expectations, and what more can we ask," Terri Williams, a former CATS user and meeting attendee, said.

"We got an ‘A’ on the report card. I don't want to say we're surprised but when you put in the hard work and effort to get the ‘A’, you're not as surprised by the ‘A,’" Jared Loftus, CATS Board President, added.

With only two goals on the report card for Tuesday's meeting, both sides were satisfied with the amount of work the transit system has done since learning they would receive close to $12 million in tax revenue, but some worry the future goals may be a little harder to meet.

"The short term financial was in place, and they did meet with us. So that's the basic two goals on the scorecard. but it's early in the process," Edgar Cage with the Transit Research Action Team said, "We have all confidence that cats will deliver and if they don't, we're going to report it, we're going to hold them accountable. We’re going to let the public know, and we're going to get on them to make sure they deliver what they promise."

Loftus said they've made a promise and they plan on working hard to keep it.

"This is exactly what got us to the point where we are now being able to move forward with a better transportation system, is the public coming forward and not only saying, 'this is what we want.' and not only demanding it, but holding people accountable to it," Loftus said.

The next accountability meeting will be held sometime in October, the exact date is still pending. 


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