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CATS riders want new upper management for bus system

Wednesday, January 16, 2013 - 7:00pm

According to CATS board president Jared Loftus, the board will make a decision on the recommendation of consulting firm TMG to replace upper management over the next couple of weeks. But that didn't stop those who ride the bus from expressing how they feel.

CATS’ passengers who spoke with NBC33 say they think a new leader for the bus system would make it run more efficiently. They believe somebody from a bigger city, who has more experience with public transportation, would be better able to fix the problems that ail CATS. The main one being long wait times for buses. Loftus told NBC33 the board will do what's best for the system and for the people of Baton Rouge who are paying for it. CATS’ passengers believe that means finding someone new to lead the system.

"I agree with the recommendation. I believe that CATS should be brought to the 21st century, buses should be connecting on time," says CATS rider Sharyn Wilcox.

In response to the recommendation, CATS CEO Brian Marshall said “Once we have fully considered all of our options, we will formally announce our plan for CATS moving forward. In the meantime, we will continue our current efforts to improve our performance and efficiency.”


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