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City of Port Allen forgot to test water system in January; residents concerned

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014 - 8:37pm

Port Allen residents were shocked when they received a letter from the city of Port Allen telling residents it forgot to test their water system back in January. According to the letter, they "did not complete all monitoring or testing for coliform bacteria."

Port Allen mayor Lynn Robertson says the H2O is okay, but it was just a mistake.
"One of our employees just failed to turn in four of our water samples to the state," she explained.   "They were getting ready for the ice [storm] and the water towers.

Resident Demetrius White says otherwise.  "There are no excuses. You have to get it done.  As a physical education teacher, we're using water all day long. It's pretty unfair that their water could be safe or unsafe."

People at one local business say their restaurant runs on the wet stuff.  River Queen Drive-In employee, Raven Williams said, "We have to wash dishes, we cook, we clean with it, and it's a lot." Although the city tested the water when they discovered the mistake last month, the Department of Health and Hospitals still required that they send outletters and publish the error. And when employees at River Queen drive in got the notice, they told us they were disappointed.  "It's a city with a lot of people period [and] a lot of food places around," added Williams.  "It's just shocking that they didn't follow up on something they were supposed to do."

Despite the uproar and the shock, The city says residents have permission to pour up.   "Everything is fine, the water tested just fine. It was really human error," said Robertson.  It is a mistake that won't have to happen again.  "It's a wake up call for Port Allen," said resident, Thomas Deselle.  

If you have questions about the notice, or if you haven't yet received yours,  the city urges you to call Port Allen City Hall at 225-346-5670.


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