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Clinton curfew lifts just days after town officials gets sued

Photo provided by staff
Friday, August 2, 2013 - 5:35pm

Just a few days ago Clinton resident Tommy Mead filed a lawsuit against the town, the mayor and police chief. Now for the first time in weeks he said he is free to come and go as he likes from his house in Clinton.

Mead had been against the Clinton curfew since it first started, by the time the curfew was being renewed for a second time though, mead said he had had enough.

"I hesitated a while for actually filing the suit because I was concerned about negative backlash from the town or the police department," said Mead.

With the help of the ACLU, Mead filed a suit against the town and officials for infringing on his civil rights.

"Any time I am doing anything social it's out of town and I am usually coming in late. But I don't want to be looked at as suspicious or deemed criminal, or anyone for that matter. I don't want anyone looked at that way because it's past a certain time," explained Mead.

Wednesday night Mead, and many other Clinton residents got their wish, and the curfew was struck down. For the first time in over two months Mead said he can come and go like he wants.

"I was excited, motivated, and just relieved at the outcome," he explained.

Clinton's curfew has been lifted since Wednesday, but just like when it was first instated, reactions about lifting the curfew were just as mixed.

"Yes it helped, it helped a lot of the businesses, and if it's going to help businesses it's good to keep it going," said Larry Dunn, who works in Clinton.

"I've not been stopped, I've not been harassed. That’s not what the curfew is for. The curfew is there to protect us, not harass us, and I don't feel like it's invading my rights at all," Kathy Rogillio added.

The town of Clinton will be responsible for paying the $637.30 it cost the ACLU to file and serve the suit.


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