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Clouds ruin viewing of Honey Moon

Saturday, June 14, 2014 - 7:00am

Baton Rouge stargazers hope clearer skies provide them a sweeter view.

Heavy cloud cover ruined a unique look at the full moon Friday night. This moon is known as both the "honey moon" and the "strawberry moon." It is orange in color, low to the horizon, and appears larger than most full moons.

There was also a lot of history with this full moon, and perhaps a little fear. Very rarely does a moon reach its peak fullness on Friday the 13th. It only happens once every 17 years, on average. The last such instance was in the 2000. The next one, though, will not be until 2049.

The skies around Baton Rouge should be clearer tonight. The moon is no longer full, but still very close. 


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