Councilwoman advocates electing new police chief

Friday, February 8, 2013 - 8:00pm

A new chief deserves a new picking process, at least that's the way council woman C Denise Marcelle sees it.

"If he was elected then that would mean he would be elected by the people of the parish, therefore he would serve at the pleasure of the people," Marcelle explained.

And it doesn't sound like such a bad idea to people we talked to as well.

"Definitely. Let the people decide who should be the chief of police," Mike Salario, a Baton Rouge resident, said.

Marcelle said she's still got questions about why White got the ax, but she is pretty sure there were politics involved, something she thinks can be avoided with an elected leader.

"They wanted the good ol' boy era to stay in place and anybody who comes in to disrupt that they was not having it. Because of the plan of government the mayor gets to select that person and fire or hire him at will," Marcelle added.

She said it's time to trust the people, and let them pick their own police leaders.

"I think that people are intelligent enough to make those decision on who brings what to the table," Marcelle added.

"Obviously you know we'd probably have a bunch of good candidates and let the people decide which one is most qualified for the job," Salario said.


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