Audit reports guns and bulletproof vests missing from Department of Public Safety

Tuesday, July 8, 2014 - 6:31pm

When the state legislative office reported the missing guns and vests from the state department of public safety and corrections, it came as a surprise.

"for some of the weapons that were actually stolen, we found out that while they did notify law enforcement, they didn't notify us and that is required by law that any misappropriation be notified to us," said Paul Pendas, First Assistant Legislative Auditor of Louisiana.

Auditors come across missing items regularly in their jobs, but obviously when items like *these * go missing, it's a bit more serious.

"Its 12 guns and 39 bullet proof vests and the nature of the items make it far more difficult than maybe say a desk," said Pendas.

The state legislative autitor's office has already followed up on the missing guns and vests...
and we're told steps to make sure no more go mossing in the future are already being taken.

"They are going to look at things like lockboxes in the cars of parole officers where some of the weapons were stolen. they gave us some general ideas of what they plan to do to correct it," Pendas added.

State auditors say they'll continue working with d-p-s on solving the problem, but believe now that the issue has been raised, it will be fixed.

"I think that the department is immediately going to address this issue and try to find solutions to remedy the car break ins and where else they were losing their property. we have a long relationship with dps and they are very responsive to our findings."


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