Baton Rouge crimes stats higher than the national average

Monday, October 29, 2012 - 6:07pm

The FBI has released the latest national trends in crime for 2011. While the national picture continues to improve, with decreases in violent and non-violent crime, it's a different story here in Baton Rouge.

Living and growing up in Baton Rouge all his life Glynn Breau said he always felt relatively safe, that was until he became a victim of the rising crime problem.

"I never thought twice to leave my car in a parking lot somewhere, and next morning waking up and my car's been broken in to and every thing's been taken out. It kind of affected me because I never expected it to happen," Breau said.

The city of Baton Rouge still trails the city of New Orleans in both violent and non-violent crimes.

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But when looking at the greater Baton Rouge area, that includes East Baton Rouge parish and surrounding parishes, the instances of property and violent crimes are higher than the greater New Orleans metropolitan area.

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"No place is really safe. I think people think it's really only contained to certain areas of the city, but it really is all across the city there are problems," Jeoffrey Hern, a Baton Rouge resident explained.

Many in the area say they're optimistic the statistics can change with some of the newest measures and programs that are being set in to motion.

"It seems like we have had an issue for a while in Baton Rouge, but I do think local government has been working towards some solutions in the areas that have had violent crimes," Hern continued.

Others are a little more skeptical about fixing the crime epidemic here at home.

"I don't think that it's going to get any better. I am not seeing it get any better, it's only getting worse. it also comes from just starting in the home and parents not parenting, so we have a generation of people that are growing up not having the morals and the values that you used to see," Angela Vallet, another Baton Rouge resident added.

The Baton Rouge police department released their crime stats for 2011 back in February. Their data showed violent crime down by 2.5%, but property crimes were up 1.6%.


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