Belle Chasse burglary solved with DNA evidence, cell phone records

Photos provided by Plaquemines Parish Sheriff's Office
Thursday, July 25, 2013 - 8:00am

Three Northshore residents have been arrested for a Belle Chasse residential burglary that occurred in February 2013. The trio is also believed to be responsible for an additional February Belle Chasse burglary.

On Monday, February 25,during the daytime hours, a residence in the 100 block of Majestic Oaks Drive in Belle Chasse was burglarized. Upon responding to the scene, Plaquemines Parish Sheriff’s Office (PPSO) Detectives learned that the suspect(s) broke a rear window with a brick paver and entered the residence without permission where they stole a computer, a computer tablet, assorted jewelry, prescription pain medication, and a purse from within. While surveying the crime scene, Detectives located and recovered the brick paver used to break the window, a crow bar, and a cigarette butt filter that was left behind by the burglar(s). This evidence was submitted to the Louisiana State Police Crime Laboratory for analysis.

On March 4, PPSO Detectives were contacted by Slidell Police Department Detectives in reference to property Slidell Police recovered during an unrelated investigation in Slidell. Slidell Detectives related that they recovered a Mac Book computer, a Nook tablet and several pieces of jewelry during the execution of a search warrant. Upon tracing the serial number on the computer, Slidell Detectives discovered that the recovered property was stolen during the February Belle Chasse residential burglary.

On March 5, PPSO Detectives relocated to the Slidell Police Department and interviewed a possible suspect in the Majestic Oaks burglary. The suspect, identified as Gregory W. Williams, 30, of the 900 block of West 22nd Avenue in Covington, initially admitted that he was aware of the burglary and he had received the stolen Mac Book from one of the alleged burglars. Williams informed detectives that he had not been to Belle Chasse in over six years.
During the investigation, PPSO Detectives obtained a court ordered search warrant for William’s cell phone records, which revealed that Williams had traveled from Slidell to Belle Chasse on February 25 and was in the vicinity of Majestic Oaks Drive. Detectives also learned that Williams’ had traveled to Belle Chasse from Slidell on February 19. PPSO Detectives suspect

Williams is responsible for a residential burglary that occurred that day in the 100 block of Tau Street, as two rings that were stolen in that burglary were located by Slidell Police during their search warrant. The Tau Street incident is still under investigation and arrests are imminent.

On March 26, PPSO Detectives obtained a preliminary DNA analysis report from the Louisiana State Police, which indicated that the cigarette butt filter recovered from the crime scene was consistent with DNA from two individuals, of which the victim’s was excluded.

On April 5, PPSO Detectives obtained a DNA CODIS match notification from the Louisiana State Police Crime Lab which revealed that Gregory Williams’ DNA was on the cigarette butt filter. State Police Analysts also recovered the DNA of Elisa J. Carney, 25, of the 1600 block of Magnolia Street in Slidell, from the filter. Investigators later learned that Carney is Williams’ girlfriend.

Based on the aforementioned facts, PPSO Detectives authored and obtained warrants of arrest on Williams and Carney for the crimes of Simple Burglary and Criminal Damage for the Majestic Oaks burglary. On April 25, Carney surrendered to Detectives at the Belle Chasse Lockup. Carney refused to provide a statement, but provided a DNA sample. Carney was booked accordingly.

On May 17, PPSO Detectives interviewed Williams at the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office. During a taped statement, Williams confessed to committing the Majestic Oaks burglary. Williams stated that he broke the rear breakfast area window with a brick, entered the home without the owner’s permission, and stole the victim’s property. Williams stated that he entered the residence alone, but Carney and another female he identified as Lisa L. Torres, 53, of the 100 block of Normandy Drive in Slidell, waited in the get-away vehicle. Williams stated that Torres was aware they were there to commit the burglary. Williams informed Detectives that he, Carney, and Torres are addicted to heroin.

PPSO Detectives subsequently authored and obtained an arrest warrant on Torres for the crimes of Simple Burglary and Criminal Damage.

On July 15, Williams and Torres were transported from St. Tammany Parish to the Belle Chasse Lockup where they were arrested and booked accordingly. 


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