Brandon Lavergne attempts to void his guilty pleas in two murder cases

Tuesday, January 8, 2013 - 5:36pm

Brandon Lavergne, sitting on a life sentence in Angola for two counts of First-Degree Murder, seeks to void his guilty pleas.

Lavergne has sent a hand-written letter to a judge asking him to void the two guilty pleas he entered last August.

Lavergne confessed to killing both Mickey Shunick and Lisa Ann Pate in exchange for a life sentence.

Now, Lavergne says he felt pressured to make that plea.

Lafayette Parish District Attorney Mike Harson says that's not the case, and Lavergne never seemed to appear under any kind of pressure at the time of his confessions

“We had conversations with his attorneys. His attorneys talked to him and I think they’re the ones that came to us and eventually brought what we thought was his desire to confess and to work out the arrangement and so forth,” stated Harson. “So I don't know how he was so pressured. I think the tapes of his interviews and so forth would be relevant because I think, at certain points in there, he was laughing and things of this sort. He didn't seem too distraught.

Harson is confident all bases have been covered in the investigation and that the District Attorney's office has a strong enough case against Lavergne to uphold his life sentence in Angola.


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