Grandmother gets house rebuilt for free

Monday, October 1, 2012 - 6:37pm

Workers are rebuilding Rosie Antoine's home in Baton Rouge. It's the first piece of good news she's had in years.

"Both of them are gone. It's such a tragedy that my grandchildren have grown up without their parents,” says Rosie Antoine.

On Easter Sunday 2004 Rosie Antoine's son Ervin killed his wife before taking his own moments later at their home. They left behind two kids, ages one and three. But her problems weren't over.

“With Gustav came along Gustav took down the trees and that's what did the most damage to the house and at that time I was going through a foreclosure on my home. That's how I met Nancy Aguillard," says Antoine.

Aguillard was able to sell the the bank. Rosie was planning on living in his son's badly damaged home. That's until Nancy saw it.

"When I opened the door and saw that all the roofing, the light was shining through. The insulation was on the ground. You could see the sky...It was terrible. It was unlivable. You couldn't live in it and knew then I would not leave her till we got this home put back together," says Aguillard.

So, through volunteers, donations and more than $1000 out of her pocket she's helping to fix up the home and it won't cost Rosie a dime.

"You never forget that people sometimes stumble or they have a struggle. They're wonderful, great people, but they might need help. We got to find them and we're supposed to help them," says Aguillard.

"She has been my angel.. it makes you believe that there are true angels out there," says Antoine.


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