Jaguar fans, cops get tires slashed

Monday, September 3, 2012 - 5:12pm

"We were happy coming back when somebody received a call saying that some of the cars had been vandalized," says Charles Kelly

kelly has organized buses to travel to away games for thirty years to see southern play football. but for the first time ever he's having second thoughts. this is after twelve vehicles had their tires slashed over the weekend.

"These folks had spent good money going on this trip, for hotel, game tickets and refreshments and excitement and all that and it's just an economic impact on them," says Kelly

Jaguar fans weren't the only ones that had their tires slashed. Cop cars were also hit, including an impala and it all happened just feet from a Baton Rouge police station.

"I've been parking here for 30 something years. This is a first and this doesn't make sense," says Shirley Fisher

Ida Anderson and Shirley Fisher went on the road trip to Albuquerque to see the Jaguars take on the New Mexico Lobos. But with everything everyone is going to have to pay to get their cars fixed the cost is just too much.

"I am totally upset. It really is because a lot of these people cannot afford to just go out and buy new tires or pay no firestone to come out and get their cars. They're just not able to do that," says Ida Anderson

And she's thinking twice about ever parking in the lot again

"We won't be parking here anymore," says Anderson

But they have no doubt they're going to keep going on road trips to support their favorite football team.

"Go jaguars! We still love you. We still support you. Pray one for another," says Fisher.



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