Man arrested for operating meth lab out of apartment on Millerville to pay for rent

Photo provided by East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office
Thursday, July 25, 2013 - 12:00am

 A Baton Rouge man was allegedly selling pills and creating methamphetamine out of his apartment to pay for rent.

According to the arrest report, the meth lab was recovered in the home of Brian Joseph Zito, 36, which is located in the Regent Apartments on Millerville. It happened after an undercover officer with the Baton Rouge Police Department arranged a drug transaction.

On Tuesday, July 23, the officer called Zito to arrange the purchase of hydrocodone for $5 a piece. They met in the parking lot of Zito’s apartment complex. The officer claims Zito had the illegal drugs in his hand when he arrived.

Detectives recovered a bottle containing 75 pills of hydrocodone in his car. Zito confessed that the pills were his and told the officer he was selling the drugs to pay for his rent.

When asked if he had any other drugs located in his apartment, Zito allegedly confirmed that he had marijuana and two bags containing “stuff to make drugs.”

Officers found two black backpacks in Zito’s bedroom. They contained 3 live 1 pot shake-and-bake clandestine labs, a ziplock bags with crystal meth residue, 4 empty bottles of Sudafed, cut open batteries, 2 hyperdermic syringes, camp fuel, and other ingredients to produce crystal meth.

They also located a gas generator in the closet, another live 1 pot shake and bake clandestine lab in the storage unite on the porch, and approximately 0.2 grams of marijuana and a pipe in the kitchen cabinet.

Zito was arrested and charged with Distribution of Schedule II (hydrocodone), four counts of Creation of a Clandestine Lab, and Possession of Marijuana/Drug Paraphernalia. He was booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison.

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