Man convicted of negligent homicide will serve no jail time

Photo provided by the Attorney General's Office.
Friday, May 3, 2013 - 3:37pm

Stanley White, the man convicted of negligent homicide in 1994 stemming from an automobile accident that took the life of an 11 week old infant, has walked free from an Ascension Parish courtroom today.

Judge Jesse LeBlanc ruled that White would instead spend the next two years under probation.

White’s original sentence of two years was decided in 1994, when he appealed it stating the length of time was too long. The appeal was not successful, yet White never served more than six days in jail.

An appeal is expected to be made in today’s ruling.


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You deserve the same as the child got, you are a cheap dirtbag getting away with murder you comitted scott free, one day you will pay when you stand in front of the maker, or in your case the soul taker.

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