More than 2 dozen seniors will not walk for graduation due to ‘senior prank’

Photo provided by Lafayette Parish School System.
Monday, May 20, 2013 - 1:33pm

Roughly two dozen high school seniors may be banned from participating in their graduation ceremony due to a costly act of vandalism.

“I do not know all the specifics, but I do know that they used go-carts to destroy some of the grounds,” Angela Morrison, Director of Community Collaborations and Partnerships for the Lafayette Parish Public School system, described. “They moved the statue of the school mascot from inside the building to the exterior of the building. There was some toilet papering of the grounds and they wrapped buildings in saran wrap. They used chalk and wrote on the grounds and buildings.”

Morrison said that the vandalism at Comeaux High School happened over the weekend and seems to be part of a “senior prank.” However, administrators do not find it to be a laughing matter.

“We are taking it very seriously because this does interrupt the procedures for other students who are still in school,” Morrison explained. “It’s also going to cost a good bit of money for the school to clean this up. The consequences will be invoked for those students who participated.”

Security cameras captured the activity and investigators with the Lafayette Police Department were able to identify 30 perpetrators.

“Many of the 30 who were involved are students,” Morrison noted. “However, at this time we don’t have a full account of which perpetrators were students.”

The students identified will face disciplinary action, which includes a harsh punishment for graduating seniors.

“They will not be allowed to participate in graduation ceremonies,” Morrison said. “We will be contacting those parents before the end of the week to notify them.”

Morrison said that this incident should serve as a warning for other seniors in the area who might be planning to participate in a similar prank.


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