Neighbors, students scared after incident at Glen Oaks

Thursday, September 27, 2012 - 6:30pm

"The bell rung for everyone to go to class and like a riot started. Everybody got to running down the halls and out the door," says Glen Oaks junior Kimothy Covington.

Not long after that Covington says her principal declared a code red and put her entire school on lockdown.

"It's terrifying. Concerned about my safety at school where I'm supposed to be learning at. Gotta be concerned about my safety at the same time," says Covington.

Her parents were worried too. That's why they pulled her out of school not long after Glen Oaks went on lockdown.

"I don't know what people's mindset is these days. It's like their mind is blank," says Gloria Patterson

Patterson lives just blocks from the school. Two of her grandchildren actually graduated from there. She doesn't understand why a student would allegedly use a gun to solve a problem.

"I think it's real sad they don't have the understanding on what it is to live free. They don't understand that violence is not the answer," says Patterson.

And even though the student suspected of pulling out the gun is under arrest, she still doesn't think she's safe.

"You're not safe anywhere. You're not even safe up in the Church where God comes first," states Patterson.

And Covington feels the same way. That's why she hopes her parents do more than pull her out of Glen Oaks for the day. She thinks they need to find her a different place to go to school.

"I'm not sure whether they'll let me go somewhere else, but if it is in option I will go somewhere else I would," says Covington.


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