Police: Man left young mentally disabled child alone in home

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Thursday, June 27, 2013 - 8:00pm

A Baton Rouge Police officer went to investigate a littering complaint but found a case of child desertion instead. The mentally disabled child did not know how to get out of the home, or call for help if case of an emergency.

On Tuesday, June 25, the officer went to the home on Thomas H. Delpit to investigate the littering complaint. According to the arrest report, the officer noticed a young child “in diapers who appeared to be mentally handicapped in the residence alone.”

The officer called the Baton Rouge Fire Department for assistance because the home was secured with thick bars on the doors and windows, preventing entry. Once firefighters gained entry, the officer checked the home to make sure there was no adult present.

Because the child was alone, the officer waited at the residence for the guardian to return. The report notes that he waited for at least an hour before Lowell Major, 58, returned.

After being read his rights, the officer asked Major his reason for leaving the child alone. He said he left because the child would not wake up that morning, so he left. He also confirmed that to the mental disability that prevented the child from knowing how to call for help.

Child Protective Services was called to the scene to remove the child from the home.

Major was arrested and charged with Child Desertion. He was booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison.

Neither the age nor gender was provided to protect the identity of the child. The report did not indicate the relationship between Major and the child, other than the fact he was the guardian responsible for leaving the child alone in the home. 


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