Protestors gather at W.B.R. jail

Wednesday, August 1, 2012 - 5:28pm

More than a dozen of Terri Parker's former classmates and family members came armed with bright signs and loud voices to the West Baton Rouge Parish Jail on Wednesday. They're protesting what they feel is the “royal treatment” Victoria Gosserand is getting while serving her jail time.

"When the family signed a plea bargain they were told it was going to be a three-year hard time. This is not hard time," says Terri Parker’s friend Crystal Polar.

Protesters say Gosserand is the only inmate allowed to do clerical work while behind bars. And it's not a stiff enough sentence for a woman who took Deborah Cushionberry's daughter away and left four-year Cameron Cooks without his mom.

"It's really about Terri and Cam. They are the two victims, not Victoria Gosserand. She's not the victim in our book," says Deborah Cushionberry.

And they're going to keep speaking out until they feel justice is served for both Cameron and his mother.

"We are fighting for justice, for our classmate. We will not stop as long as justice is not being served. We will continue to spread the word. We will have marches. We will keep on protesting until something is done," says Polar.


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