Residents of most violent zip codes not surprised by jump in murder rate

Wednesday, January 2, 2013 - 6:03pm

Living and working in the zip code that accounts for 15 of the cities 67 murders last year, Leonard Brown said the 4.7% jump in the murder rate city-wide came as no surprise. It's a problem he says that needs to be solved.

"The community has to get involved, and that's something we don't do. Get involved, which we should," Brown explained.

Johnny Coleman has also seen the 70805 zip code change for the worse, he agrees, it's time for the community to step up and make a change.

"Go back to the way it was, where you were a neighborhood child, where people don't mind trying to help kids, and the kids with respect. That’s the biggest problem we have. It doesn't matter black, white or whatever, the biggest problem we dealing with is respect," Coleman stated.

And though the Baton Rouge Police Department implemented the BRAVE program this year to integrate officers into the community and combat crime, residents have said the verdict is still out on its effectiveness.

"I would prefer that they be in this community more. I think that would deter people from coming in with the drugs and what have you," Brown said.

Coleman said while he's hoping next year will be less violent, he's placing the burden of making the neighborhood better square on the shoulders of those who live there.

"You can't just put it on the police, like I said it starts in the house, it starts in the neighborhood. My thing is you've got to respect each other. I am still going to say respect,” Coleman explained.

According to our numbers the zip codes with the most murders in 2012 were the 70802 with 19 murders, the 70805 with 15 and the 70815 with 8.


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