Sheriff: details around homicide are bizarre

Thursday, December 6, 2012 - 6:16pm

Assumption Parish Deputies identified the body of missing Tony Rodriguez, missing since Tuesday night, fisherman in Iberville parish found his body Thursday night.

“I said they stole my car, they stole my car at gun point,” a caller and friend of Rodriguez’s said in a 911 call.

When asked who had stolen the car by a dispatcher the caller replied simply, “I don't know, I don't know their names ma'am.”

That call for help Tuesday night sent Assumption Parish Sheriff’s deputies on the hunt for 23 year-old Tony Rodriguez. Rodriguez is believed to be a victim of a car jacking turned murder, but police are still looking at the case very closely.

"It’s almost kind of a bizarre story, a bizarre set of circumstances that lead to this person's murder," Sheriff Mike Waguespack explained of the case.

The call lead police to a burnt out home on Highway 998 in Belle Rose, where the caller, and sole witness at this time, said he and his friend were car jacked and forced into a vacant house. That’s where, he said, Rodriguez was apparently shot and the home then set on fire. But police say they're not quite sure it all adds up.

“It’s a very bizarre story, I guess it's a very unusual type of homicide to occur in this particular area. Where you have two Hispanic guys from out of town come in, they say they don't know these subjects, but again we've got a lot of interviewing to do," Waguespack said.

A fisherman found what was later identified as Rodriguez's body in a canal, less than a dozen miles away from the burnt out home where the alleged incident took place. Police say based on evidence found with his body, there’s no doubt a murder occurred.

"It appears that he was shot in the upper chest from what we saw on the scene after we recovered the body. Right now we don't have a shooter, we don't have any suspects. Nobody’s in jail, again we're in the very beginning stages of interviewing a lot of folks to determine what happened," Waguespack added.

Though there have been no arrests, Sheriff Waguespack said he doesn't believe there's any immediate threat to the public at this time but warns people in the area to stay on alert.

Rodriguez's body has been sent to New Orleans, where an autopsy will be performed.


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