St. Amant man arrested after bringing 'handgun' near high school

Tuesday, January 29, 2013 - 4:00pm

A 19-year-old male has been arrested on terrorizing charges after bringing what appeared to be a handgun near the East Ascension High School campus.

Blaine Dearmond of St. Amant was seen by a number of students and faculty members wielding a weapon outside of the school; witnesses claimed Dearmond was carrying a handgun.

"Fortunately, we have a member of the Gonzales Police Department on-site at East Ascension High School,” said Nethken. “This Juvenile Detective serves as the school resource officer. He was able to quickly apprehend the suspect and found that he was carrying an air gun.”

The air gun, Nethken went on to say, is capable of shooting BB pellets, but has the look of an actual handgun.

Upon being taken in to custody, detectives with the Gonzales Police Department began to question Dearmond about the incident.

"We found out that the suspect is presently on probation. His father has recently been arrested, which led to the suspect being kicked out of his residence. The suspect found the air gun before leaving the premises and stated he was meeting an individual outside of the East Ascension High School campus to give the gun to that individual," stated Nethken. "It is our opinion that this story is rather convoluted and doesn’t add up. We feel that the suspect was attempting to get himself arrested, which is exactly what has happened."

Blaine Dearmond has now been booked in to the Ascension Parish Jail on terrorizing charges, which carry a maximum fine of $15,000 and 15 years in prison.

Of the arrest, Nethken also released this official statement:

"We at the Gonzales Police Department take great interest and pride in providing security for our city schools. We want to assure students, parents, and faculty members that the Gonzales Police Department will not tolerate this type of activity. We will deal with this type of event or any other event, which threatens the security of our schools, quickly and as severely as the law will allow."

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