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Teen's friend 'borrows' car, flips it in ditch and flees scene

Friday, October 26, 2012 - 2:21pm

A young adult has been arrested for taking a friends car without permission and crashing it into a ditch.

Eunice Police Officers received a report of a vehicle flipped over in the ditch. Upon arrival, they discovered a crashed red Ford Focus, but no driver.

Officers got the name of the registered owner and called them; the owner said that she was fast asleep at a friend's house on Corn Street and didn't loan her vehicle to anyone, but it was missing from the driveway. She then requested to report the vehicle stolen.

Officers then met with the owner on Corn Street. She said that she left the keys next to the bed, but they were gone.

Officers asked if anyone else was in the house, and the owner told them that Ashley Ortego,18, was inside. Ortego denied knowing anything and said she had been sleeping. However, the officers noticed a laceration on Ortego's left arm and she was bleeding. Officers also saw mud on her shoes and near the bed area.

Ortego then admitted to taking the vehicle without permission while the owner was asleep and was involved in the accident.

She was cahrged with Unauthorized Use of a Movable, Failure to Report an Accident, Driving with a Suspended License, Reckless Operation and No Proof of Insurance.

Her bond was set at $10,300.00. She has since then bonded out of the Eunice City Jail.


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