Thieves hit business twice in less than a year

Tuesday, August 14, 2012 - 4:15pm

"It gets nervous. It's a little scary when you have this happen and this isn't the first time it's happened," says Faith Turner

Turner and the rest of the employees at Premier Eyecare and Optical are still in shock after a theft at their store on Old Hammond Highway. Three women walked into the store right before closing on Saturday. The trio walked out with five pairs of glasses worth more than $1500.

"Before I knew it one of the employees was saying she just stole something, she just stole something," says Turner
But before they could get away in their tan Honda, a customer snapped a picture of their license plate. Right after that, he got punched by one of the suspects. Employees say it all happened with a baby in the women's car.

"When we went out to chase them they in fact had a child in the car with them as well. It's kind of disgusting that people would do that with a child present. So, they not only risked themselves they endangered children," states Turner.

Back in March, two criminals worked together to steal about a dozen sunglasses from their other store on Airline Highway. They had a value of more than $3000. Because they've been hit twice in less than a year, employees will pay extra
close attention to all of their surroundings.

"From now will take extra precautions like we can be," says Turner


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