Victim becomes suspect: Man arrested for fibbing about armed robbery

Photo provided by staff.
Wednesday, June 5, 2013 - 7:00pm

Police thought they helped a victim when they made an arrest for an armed robbery. What they learned, however, resulted in the additional arrest of the victim.

Officers with the New Orleans Police Department were dispatched on May 28 to a home on River Drive. The victim told police that a man pulled out a gun and robbed him of his cash. He provided the license plate for the vehicle that the suspect fled in.

Detectives were able to identify a suspect and the victim was correctly pick him out of a photo lineup. A warrant was issued for the suspect’s arrest, and he was tracked down by Special Operation Division Warrant Squad the next day.

During an interview, the suspect informed detectives that no robbery had occurred and no guns were drawn. In fact, the suspect and the victim knew each other and were involved in a dispute over a drug transaction.

Detectives followed up on the new information and were able to find evidence to that proved the suspect’s information. They called in the “victim” for additional questioning and confronted him with the new information. At that point he asked for a lawyer.

The man who claimed robbery became the suspect in this case. He was arrested and charged with Filing a False Police Report.

Officials did not provide names for either individual involved in this case.


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