Woman concocts elaborate case about fake stalker because she was having ‘personal issues’

Photo provided by the Washington Parish Sheriff's Office.
Friday, June 28, 2013 - 10:00pm

A woman is accused of going to extreme lengths to concoct an elaborate criminal case in which she was the victim. However, detectives soon discovered the whole thing was a ruse. When confronted, the woman said she did it because she was having “personal issues.”

The Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office reports that the first complaint was filed on June 25 by Miranda Miley, 36. She told deputies that she was being stalked by a man named Cortland “Kory” Runfalo.

According to the complaint, Miley said she met Runfalo several weeks prior. She claimed that she met him while out for a night on the town with a female friend. Runfalo, she said, made advancements towards her, but she shot him down because she was happily married and not interested.

Miley went on to say that Runfalo obtained her phone number and began calling and texting her. The messages started with requests to be friends, but then became concerning due to threats that of kidnapping. That’s when she decided to get law enforcement involved.

Detectives encouraged Miley to take out a protective order against Runfalo, which she did, and an investigation was launched. Try as they might, they were unable to identify her stalker because they found no evidence to suggest such a person exists.

Later that same day, Miley called 911 and claimed that her stalker forced his way into her home, beat and physically attacked her. She said he had a rifle and fired two shots before fleeing into the woods.

Officials say 11 deputies were dispatched on a “Code 3” call, which means they responded with lights, sirens and used speed to get to the location as quickly as possible.

Once deputies arrived to the home, they started seeing evidence that something wasn’t right in this case.

“Evidence indicated that the crime scene had been staged and detectives suspected that Miley was not being truthful,” a press release notes.

However, detectives continued with the investigation. Miley was able to provide them with a picture of Runfalo and the cell phone number he used to contact her.

“They determined that the cellular number was assigned to a track telephone which belonged to Miley and that the photograph of Runfalo was actually an Internet image of a Russian entertainer named Tarkan,” the release continued.

Finally, investigators confronted her and she eventually admitted to making the whole thing up.

“While our officers showed great compassion and professionalism in working to protect Ms. Miley, she displayed gross disregard for the Sheriff’s Office and all citizens of Washington Parish,” Sheriff Randy Seal said. “Ms. Miley’s actions not only put our officers and others at risk but also caused the Sheriff’s Office to expend human and financial resources on a false claim.”

Miley was arrested and charged with Filing or Maintaining False Public Records and Criminal Mischief by Improper Use of 911.


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