DCFS implements emergency rule for EBT card holders: can't buy lingerie anymore

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Thursday, March 20, 2014 - 6:10pm

It’s been two weeks since this story blew up not only locally but also on a national level. One Gonzales lingerie store was accepting EBT cards as a form of payment.

But now DCFS says that should be illegal and are persuing legislation.

Kiss My Lingerie has been making headlines not because of what it sells but what they are accepting as payment, so we decided to check things out for ourselves.

“I've seen you guys on the news and stuff with the EBT cards. It’s probably really good publicity for you?”

“It is a blessing and a curse,” noted a Kiss My Lingerie employee.

Employees told FOX44 on Thursday afternoon that they still took what some call "food stamp cards" or Louisiana Purchase cards.

After we opened that can of worms, they were not pleased.

“Are you serious? We have the police coming for you so keep recording," said the employee.

We turned to face book and found that the store has nearly 21 thousand likes. If you compare that to other lingerie stores in the area, hey have nearly a fraction of that, all with less than a thousand.

Clearly not everyone’s a fan.

Some of the reviews state, “What a terrible representation of small businesses in Louisiana.”

Our taxpayers were not so happy to hear their money was being spent on adult toys and lingerie either.

"The state needs to step in and close them down,” said Ramona “I think that's horrible and who ever had the card and used it in the store they should be penalized fir accepting those cards for that.”

It’s not just women speaking out.

"It's pretty ridiculous when I have to work everyday and they are buying it off of my dollars, it pretty much sucks," said Louisiana taxpayer Donovan Waguespask.

The catch, it was legal, until now. Even though these cards are used mainly for food, some people can get cash off the cards for other items.

"Hey, they are making a living off of us, that sucks," noted Waguespask.

But now DCFS has stepped in and says you cannot buy lingerie anymore.

"We want to ensure that these federal assistance benefits are used appropriately and not at locations that do not help a family meet basic needs," said DCFS Secretary Suzy Sonnier. "This rule will not affect families who currently use the program as intended, which is to provide food, shelter and clothing for families."

Also, FOX44 reached out to Kiss My Lingerie Thursday evening to see if they stopped accepting EBT cards and there was no answer. As of Thursday morning they still allowed them to be used.

Here is a link to the full press release with a list of items that can’t be bought using the government issued cards.



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