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Deadbeat parents listed on DCFS website

Thursday, January 31, 2013 - 3:32pm

The Department of Children and Family Services have put out a list for parents wanted for non-payment of child support.

DCFS says if the money isn't paid, in the long run, it impacts everyone in Louisiana.

“When money is not paid, what happens is these families actually then have to rely on other services,” said Trey Williams with DCFS. “They might have to apply for food stamps or welfare, so really, for all taxpayers, it's a burden.”

Statewide, DCFS says there's over a billion dollars in back-owed child support.

For a look at the full list, click here.


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I think this is a very good idea to post the dead beats name and how much they owe in back support, and should be weekly routine to provide the public with this information in case the public should run across one of them in public or in a work place to turn them in. Expand the list to include new offenders each time it comes out in print. I look forward to seeing this more often I know a few dead beats and would love to see their names in the publics eyes.

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