Door-to-door sales in Ascension could require permits if proposal passes

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Monday, June 10, 2013 - 7:00pm

A knock on the door; it's something many in Ascension Parish want to come to an end. They’re tired of saying no to door-to-door salesmen and at least one council member agrees.

“A lot of people come from out of state,” Chris Loar, Ascension Parish Council, said. “They're groups that have a lot of criminal histories.”

Loar is pushing a proposal that would crack down on just who is knocking on your door and for what.

“A few more extra hoops that they have to jump through, but again if you're a legitimate business, this shouldn't be a problem,” he added.

The idea is to require a sales person to get a permit before they go door-to-door. To get that permit, they need to show what they're selling, where they want to go, and how long they'll be around. If the rules aren't follow, they could get slapped with a fine or even go to jail.

The proposal doesn't include door-to-door sales for school, or the Girl Scouts.

Loar wants the proposal passed because the people he represents are starting to get worried for their safety in a place they're supposed to feel the safest.

“People don't like it, that's what we're hearing,” he said. “[They say,] look, our home is our sanctuary. It’s just really an intrusion and people feel unsafe nowadays.”

The proposal is up for debate later this month. If the council approves the streets in Ascension, along with those interruptions, could get a little quieter.


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