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Drivers in Central urged to slow down and pay attention

Photo provided by staff.
Friday, January 3, 2014 - 5:21pm

The new curve which now connects Sullivan Road to Central Thruway is causing some problems.

Sheryl Lemoine has lived in Central for a while now, and she's happy to see so much progress, but she's worried about this.

"It is a very dangerous intersection, and I just wish people would take it easy and respect other people's lives," Lemoine said. "I was really leery that they did that, but in one way, I understand way. There are home there. There's people that need to get in and out, and that's there only way in and there only way out."

Two months ago, a new intersection opened up connecting Sullivan Road to the Central Thruway. Before, Sullivan was just a straight road. Now, it's a sharp curve.

"People are forgetting that. We're having a lot of people going straight through the curve, and there have been several accidents, including some accidents with injuries," David Barrow, the Chief Administrative Officer of Central, said.

Barrow works for the city of Central. Every time he goes around the curve, he sees people speeding and some people aren't even paying attention.

"Well it's always a little scary especially on these curves. We've had a lot of curve accidents around Central," Barrow said. "As you can see coming here, we have a straight roadway coming into a curve that's pretty visible and that's marked with numerous signs and advanced warning signs. So, the lack of signs is not an issue."

"It's growing fast, and people just need to slow down," Lemoine said.

"You have to drive defensively, watch them crossing that center line, and be careful," Barrow said.

The city is considering putting down rumble strips right before you get to the curve hoping it'll remind drivers to slow down.

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