EBR prepares for mosquito season

Fox 44 Staff
Friday, May 17, 2013 - 7:30pm

The East Baton Rouge Mosquito Abatement Facility is getting ready for mosquito season.

Todd Walker, the director of the facility, said cases have been reported in West Baton Rouge, and now it is time for us to take precautions.

"We're submitting mosquito pools for analysis of West Nile," Walker said. "We haven't gotten any positive yet, but across the river in West Baton Rouge Parish, they've had positive already this year."

However, that does not mean East Baton Rouge is in the clear.

"So, hate to say it, but we're probably expecting some here in the near future," he said.

The facility is keeping an eye on the mosquitos in East Baton Rouge by collecting samples every week.

"Well, I have a feeling that the mosquito population is going to build," he said. "We will have a probably pretty good population this year just because it didn't start out with very many mosquito problem."

While they are watching out for us, Walker said we need to watch out for ourselves too.

"Well, really the best thing to do if you are outside in the evening is to wear Deet, and wear long sleeves and long pants," he said.

They said that today's results came out negative for West Nile. 


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