EBR Superintendent won't renew contract: says he's happy with the progress made

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014 - 7:00pm

The head of the east Baton Rouge Parish school system won't stick around. Doctor Bernard Taylor says he's going to serve out his time, but by this time next year someone new will be leading our schools.

Nbc33 talked with Taylor and he told us there are battles in Baton Rouge, he's just not equipped to fight. He feels he's made a positive change here, but says he wants to focus on education, not politics.

"There is no sad song to sing. This was an experience I wanted to have."

Dr. Bernard Taylor has been through a whirlwind of challenges over the past two years as Superintendent in East Baton Rouge Parish.

"As someone who is new to this, it proved to be difficult."

He’s faced a lot, starting with a group of people trying to break away from the district to make their own.

"That was different.”

To a whole new set of school standards with a lot of opinions and whole lot of controversy.

"That’s a very different type of preparation but it was a good experience to go through it here."

And finally a group of lawmakers that set out to change the way our schools operate

"The politics of all of this is the part I don’t want to deal with that anymore. In the end I was spending too much time trying to come up with ways to improve achievement through a political lens as opposed to improve achievement through an educational lens."

But despite all of those hurdles, Dr Taylor says he’s proud of what the EBR School System has accomplished.

"I was hired with the notion of improving student achievement; I think I have accomplished that."

And as he heads into his final year in the hot seat he’s ready to grow our students and district as much as he can, before he moves away from the capitol city.

"Am I leaving the place better than I found it, yes, but did I have to go through a whole lot to get it there? Absolutely,” said Dr. Taylor.

Dr. Taylor told NBC33 the district's biggest problem moving forward is cash. It’s possible the board will buy-out his contract at Thursday’s meeting.


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