Farm bill doesn't go far enough

Friday, January 4, 2013 - 8:00am

If Congress hadn't passed a farm bill just days ago, it would have meant that the next time you went to the grocery store you probably would have paid about $8 for a gallon of milk and that loaf of bread would have doubled in price. But though the bill does save consumers' pocketbooks, for now, Strain says it does little for farmers if disasters strike.

"Farmers that have lost everything from hurricanes they will get no assistance," states Strain.

Kurt Guidry of the LSU AG center says that didn't matter much last year because it was such a good season for crops that programs like SURE really weren't necessary.

"For most of our major crop commodities we had record yields so the SURE program would have provided little to no assistance for producers in 2012,” states Strain..

But he says that that safety net needs to be added because of the unpredictable and severe weather in Louisiana.

"We know here in Louisiana. We can have a record crop in the field and we get a hurricane and that record production could go down to zero pretty quickly," says Guidry.

And that's why Strain says politicians need to put their partisan bickering aside for the good of the country.

"We have to find common ground. You have to work uniformly because at the end of the day it will affect, it will affect the ability of the United States to compete worldwide," states Strain. 


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