Film award season - Hollywood wrap up

Monday, December 30, 2013 - 5:06pm

As the year comes to a close, CNN looks back at the most memorable movie moments of 2013.

Throughout the year the movie industry has been vying for you're your attention.

Endless interviews have been conducted and miles of red carpet walked.

But now is the time when the competition really begins to heat up for the awards campaign season, whether that's for a British Bafta, French Cesar, or theultimate Hollywood accolade-- an academy award.

Steve McQueen’s harrowing depiction of Solomon Northrop’s enslavement between 1841 and 1853 has put him in line for a best director award.

Plus a powerful performance from Chiwetel Ejiofor in the lead role puts him in the race for best actor.

Howling its way into awards contention is the wolf of Wall Street.

This is director Martin Scorsese and actor Leonardo Di Caprio's fifth collaboration. The film is based on the explosive autobiography of financial conman Jordan Belfour during the hedonistic and greed fueled 1980's.

Set in the 1970's, true life scam artists and swindlers are also the subject of David O. Russel’s film American Hustle.

A member of the stellar ensemble cast - which includes Oscar winners Christian Bale and Jennifer Lawrence - will surely steal at least one acting award

Since its world premiere at the Venice festival the jaw dropping space thriller Gravity has held a steady trajectory toward the awards podium.

A real challenge to Bullock's reign could come from Cate Blanchet in Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine. Her portrayal of a socialite unraveling into depression is both tragic and mesmerizing. Blanchet might just sway a jury away from the space odyssey.


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