Fire claims 2 homes on New Year's Eve; family needs help

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014 - 6:39pm

"If it wasn't for her 9-month old puppy, one woman says the fire could have claimed her life."

At 9 o'clock on New year's eve, most people are celebrating, preparing for a fresh start. For two Baton Rouge families all that they knew almost ended. Public Information Officer, Robert Combs said, "according to investigators the home is a total loss." Neighbor Terry Anderson said he couldn't do anything but watch. "They lost everything they had. Everything they had. The flame came out the first window, the two windows right there, and in about 15 to 20 minutes, the whole house was engulfed with flames."

A few streets away, fire claimed this home, but if it wasn't for 9-month old "Rock," a white Boxer puppy, one woman says, it could've claimed her life. "Biting at my arm, and i was like oh my God, maybe I forgot to take him out to the bathroom, but when I looked, he was pulling me--trying to pull me out of bed or pull me to safety or pull me anywhere," exclaimed Sandra Dixon who lost her home New Year's Eve.

The smell of smoke still fills the home once belonging to Sandra's parents. The blaze started near electrical equipment. And although the love of family and neighbors help her to smile, she says it's not easy.
"I don't have anything, I don't have any insurance, I don't have anything to rebuild with, so it's all going to be on me.

But she is still thankful. "I could've been dead; I could've lost more than material. I could've lost my life here."

Combs added, "Well, it's always a good feeling to know that there is no one that has received any injuries on any type of incident that we respond to. Of course, it's also disheartening for us to know that they've lost just about everything that they own."

Beneath the ashes, just like this single rose left unscorched, lies hope. and life.
"Focus more on not what I have lost," said Sandra, "but what I am going to gain in the future. With the help of God, I will rebuild, with the help of my community, I will come back."

Sandra and family members are in the process of setting up a donation account at Regions Bank. Continue to watch FOX44, as well as visit for updates on how to help Sandra and "Rock." 


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