First day on the job, meet 5 new Port Allen police officers

Thursday, February 28, 2013 - 12:00am

Five new faces kicked off their careers as Port Allen police officers Wednesday. The group of four guys and one gal started work today.

"Definitely last night I wasn't able to sleep very well, because I was looking forward to coming to work today," Kendra Wisham, newly hired Port Allen police officer, said. "I want to be a part of greater Port Allen. I know Port Allen is growing I want to be a part of that. "

They're ready to get to work.

"Making sure that there isn't any speeding going on, and crazy driving,” Terrence Victor, Port Allen PD new hire, exclaimed. “But we look forward to helping the community and really and making sure we make an effort not to be just police but be a part of the community. "

The group bonded as they checked out their new cruisers and got inspiration from the chief.

Victor listened to his new boss: “The best advice that the chief's gave me is to treat everyone like you would like to be treated and really just to be your self.

Port Allen Police Chief Esdron Brown says the new hires will help beef up the department's size.

"We've been short for months maybe even years,” Brown explained. “This is going to get the shifts where they need to be at, so more police officers in the neighborhoods more high crime areas."

The new officers became fast friends.

“My rookie class they are great people,” said Victor.

Wisham is the departments only female officer. She says so far the guy's have treated her right.

"I am most looking forward to getting out on the road, and becoming one of the guys. I don't want the guys to give me any special treatment. I want to be one of the guys," she said.

"Ms. Kendra is our only female new hire, so it's kind of funny like she came on, and she's on her own,” Victor smirked. “But it's ok we got her back. We look out for Miss Kendra. "

Two of the officers will hit the streets this week.

Three of the officers still have to go through police academy training in April before they start patrolling.


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