Former UL Cajuns star will appear in MLB's All-Star Game


Jonathan Lucroy Represents Cajuns on MLB All-Star Team

Tuesday, July 15, 2014 - 12:19pm

They say hard work pays off in the long run. Well, that fit's former UL baseball player Jonathan Lucroy just right. Tomorrow night for the major league All-Star Game, Lucroy will be the starting catcher for the National Leauge. It wasn't too many years ago when Jonathan at this time of the year was one of the Cajun players who were working the UL summer camps in the hot sun teaching the young kids the game of baseball at Moore Field. Lucroy has always been very humble and has never forgot his UL roots, the Cajun fans and his head coach Tony Robichaux

"He get's you better. That's the honest truth. He's tough on you, he hold you accountable, and it get's you better. As a player that's all you can ask for. You know on the other side of it he is understanding." said, Jonathan Lucroy on Tony Robichaux.

"He's a good coach and I owe him a lot just for the fact I had scholarship out here to play coming from Florida where I had no one recruiting me. So I feel I owe him a great debt of gratitude for that just for coming out here. "

Coach Robichaux said, "He's one of 750 in the whole world that's doing what he is doing and doing it at that level. Then he is such a good person and quality kid that was gonna move. We always felt that if he got an opportunity he was gonna move and now what an honor to represent our program, himself, and his family."

"He's going to be able to walk out there this week and be on the side of Jeter and some of those guys who have made history at this level. What a great honor. Not may people get the opportunity to tell somebody that they actually made and played in the All-Star Game. "

Lucroy or as his friends call him "Luc" attended and played for UL for three years before being drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers after his 2007 season with the Cajuns. And tomorrow night, you can watch the All-Star Game right here on FOX 15 and see the starting catcher for the game....Number 20, our own Jonathan Lucroy!


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