Future lawyers hit the grid iron for good cause

Saturday, February 2, 2013 - 8:00pm

LSU Law students hit the grid iron Saturday to help a severely ill child's wish come true.

LSU Law Football Club hosted their own super bowl to help get 9-year-old Charles Herringdon to Disney World. The "purple" and "gold" teams suited up, and did their best to score points. While dozens of fans packed BREC's Olympia Stadium to get glimpse of the future lawyers on the field.

"The gold team has better players," Herringdon, said.

"Our motto is we've been hitting the books all year now it's time to hit each other," Dixon Wallace McMakin, league commissioner, said. "We like to take our aggression out instead of on a law book on each other at the law school."

The Group hoped to raise $7 thousand for Charles Disney trip.


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That is good early practice on how to chase cars involved in wrecks, in advance to keep up with the professionals already here. RUN FOREST RUN. We are in need of a few more commericals on how much we can get you, the only thing they should have to also say is how much they made off of you in exchange for their services to you. I wouldl love to hear a break down of the cost , lawyer fees, and amount awarded , or just a little honesty if that is still around in this day and time.

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