Gaines family: Brett Gerald was 'failed' by the system

Tuesday, March 12, 2013 - 5:29pm

In the eyes of the law justice has been served for the seven killed when Brett Gerald crashed while driving his car drunk in Slaughter back in May. For the family members left behind, it doesn’t seem like enough.

"I think justice was not served. I think he should have been 70 years at least because right now this guy is 30 years old. He’ll be out by the time he's 65. He's going to still be able to get out and enjoy his family and I don't think that's right," Marcus Gaines explained. Gaines lost his mother, sister and nephews and nieces to the tragedy.

Gerald was given ten years for each count, seventy years in all. But only has to serve half of those without the possibility of parole. The Gaines family said it all reveals the shortcomings in the system.

"There’s a lot of laws and statutes on the books that need to be looked at. I think they have been since this accident. And we're just looking for closure and trying to stay strong as a family," said John Gaines Jr.

"I blame the system for the accident because this was his fourth. They should have did something before then, if they would have just put him in the hospital. I blame the system. That’s why I told him he was a victim also," John Gaines Sr. added.

With seven people gone, some of the Gaines family members are looking for more justice than was served.

"Seven lives taken. I mean how many lives do you have to take before you get the max? Is it 20 people that you have to go out here and kill before you get the max sentence set on you? You know we'll never be able to see them again. None of them. We will never be able to see our families again," Marcus Gaines said.

The victims' families were all very clear about one thing, they forgive Brett Gerald. Gerald addressed the victims and took full responsibility for the deadly crash.


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