Governor tables tax reform, still hopes to get rid of income tax

Monday, April 8, 2013 - 7:23pm

Fireworks over Governor Bobby Jindal’s proposed tax plan were expected this session, but Monday the governor surprised a lot of people when he announced he was going to ‘shelve’ his tax plan. Governor Jindal told the legislators gathered on the house floor Monday that he plans to try and pass one key part of that tax plan still.

"The reality is, it is time for us to be bold and get rid of these Income Taxes,” the governor said, “we're actually going to park our tax plan. We're going to pull that plan but at the same time I am not the kind of guy who just wants to take my ball home and go and complain. I know that several of you have already filed bills to phase out the income tax,” he continued.

The governor admitted his original tax plan was moving too fast for some people, but that won’t stop him from trying to pass one of the most controversial parts of the plan.

"Lets pass a bill this session, lets get rid of the income tax once and for all in the state of Louisiana.,” Jindal added.

Though the tax overhaul plan has been shelved for now, Democrats have said there are still several issues they’ve got their eyes on this session.

“It is inherent in us to encourage him (the governor). To urge him, and almost to force him to say that Medicaid expansion will be good for this state,” said Representative Patricia Haynes.

“We will not support unconstitutional schemes whether they deal with education, pensions or any other matter,” added Democratic Representative John Bell.

Democrats said after the start of this session they're left with more questions than answers.

“I had prepared to take some notes today during the governor’s address and jot down some notes where we could be in agreement with him but his address was so short and didn't cover a lot of areas. Quiet honestly I didn't write any down,” Bell said.


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