Grilling safety: Firefighters want you to stay safe Memorial Day weekend

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014 - 4:28pm

Many of you are getting ready for Memorial Day weekend, and that usually means taking out the grill, but firefighters say be careful.

Firefighters want you to stay safe this weekend. If you're barbequing, make sure the fire's out before you walk away.

A day of fun and family can quickly turn into a disaster if you're not careful.

"Fires that we've seen recently where on balconies and so on the cover above. It's not good because you're going to have the fire coming up out of the grill," said Robert Combs of the Baton Rouge Fire Department.

Baton Rouge Fire Department responded to two calls last Memorial Day, and Combs said it's two too many.

"So be cognizant of everything that you're doing, and don't leave anything unattended," Combs insisted.

Nancy Malone of Red Cross is getting ready for Memorial Day weekend. She said taking extra precautions are key.

"You know we do barbeque, and I'm very, very uptight with my husband about where's the grill, is it completely out at the end of the night," Malone said. "We celebrate in the afternoon. We may be out there all day, but when it comes to the end of the night, it's away from our house and I'm pouring water to make sure everything is extinguished."

But Malone has seen firsthand what can happen if you're not careful.

"It can be deadly," Malone said. "I see what happens. I see the impact in our community every single day and there's just not a reason to take a chance."

It's preventable. So, keep your kids and pets away from the grill and make sure you have a smoke detector handy.

"Double check your batteries, make sure every thing is set up," Malone said. "Make sure you have a device, whether it's a fire extinguisher, water, something that you can put out a fire if it gets out of hand, a lid to cover up on a grill."

"Get down to the bottom floor and out in the open to do your grilling that way it ensures everyone is safe," Combs said. "You're not losing your property as well as destroying someone else's."

Click the link below for a whole list of holiday fire safety tips from the U.S. Fire Administration:

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