Group protests military action in Syria

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Saturday, August 31, 2013 - 9:00pm

A handful of protesters across the Capitol City got together to voice their concerns about possible military action in Syria.

They may be small in numbers, but a group of protesters who took to the steps of the Capitol Saturday had a pretty big message for the president.

"You can not police the world, you can not be a dictator in America, sign another executive order, you know, you can not do what you want to do with out listening to the American people,” said protest organizer Jenae Wise.

The anti-war on Syria group is hoped to get their message out that war isn't the answer.

"To just think that we're going to be the world police and irresponsibly start another world war, that's going to lead to another major conflict, much bigger than the ones we've seen in the last decade is completely irresponsible," added Chad Bourgeois, a protest attendee.


The protest came on the heels of the president's decision to push forward with possible military action in Syria, something the gathered protestors don't want to see happen.

"War doesn't fix war, that's just common sense. You don't fight fire with fire, my 12 year old knows that. There's other options. There has to be other options," said Wise.

"It has nothing to do with us, and I believe that we are in $17 trillion of debt, which is a fact. And to go in to any war knowing that it will lead to a prolonged conflict is irresponsible and I believe a treasonable act," added Bourgeois.


President Obama announced Saturday that he would seek congressional approval to take action in Syria.


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