Home Depot prepares for impending storm

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Friday, October 4, 2013 - 6:38pm

Karen has been causing some chaos in the gulf, but in what might be the calm before the storm, we wanted to see how and if the Capital city is preparing to take it on.

According to Steve Bellanger, Merchandising Manager at Home Depot, gas cans, tarps, and batteries are selling rapidly.

After being caught off guard by Hurricane Katrina, Samuel Ford is one shopper who's not taking any chances. "We're preparing some rental properties for the storm." "We're racing against time trying to get this taken care of," he added.

Others are not in such a hurry. "No ma'am not really," laughed couple, Sonny and Debra Hood. "We always stay ready. She's got her handy wipes. She's got canned food."

Either way, Home Depot experts say its time to stock up.

"Have your windows boarded with plywood. If you have any roof shingles that pop off the house, you can go ahead and cover your house. Batteries, gas cans, and fresh gasoline are very important.

And the solar powered garden lights in your yard? they make an ample substitute for flashlights in time of emergency. Bellanger also stressed the importance of practicing generator safety. He advises people not to run their machines near windows or in garages or car ports, and to always monitor carbon monoxide.

When asked about the coming storm, Ford added "if it attempts to come our way, we're going to be ready for it."
On the other hand, Hood says "if He sends it our way, we'll take it, if He [doesn't], we'll be blessed."


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