Homeowners prepare for freezing weather

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013 - 7:09pm

People are already getting ready for this frigid weather.

"That's the good part about living in the south, it doesn't get super cold," Gennifer Constant, a homeowner, said.

However, it will be frigid Wednesday morning. So before you lock your doors for the night, make sure you do a couple of things first. Homeowners are also planning to let their faucets drip to prevent pipes from freezing as well as covering up their outdoor plants.

"I do wrap my pipes that are on the outside of the house, the faucet pipes, and make sure that they're covered because a couple of years ago, I did have one that split open when there was a nice little light freeze," Constant said. "Make sure everything is put up outside. One of the things you can do to help your home to be more weather-proof toward the cold weather is to put weather stripping around your doors and your windows

If you can't find a weather strip by the end of the day. Well, you can take a towel and put it in between the space. Last but not least, many of you are turning on your heaters, but be careful.

"Sometimes, if it has been a very long time, and it has not been treated well and not been serviced, these things will actually catch fire," Howard Ward, PIO of Baker Fire Department. "So it's important that has a homeowner make sure you have your unit serviced. This is not the time of year you want to be playing around with that."

Brigham Ragusa of River City One-Hour Air in Baton Rouge agreed.

"It allows you to have total satisfaction that your system is safe and efficient for the upcoming winter," Ragusa said. "If it for some reason, doesn't come on smoothly and you hear little mini booms after a minute or so, that's a bad sign. That means your system is not lighting smoothly and that could be a danger signal."

Be sure to make sure, your smoke detectors are in working order before you go to bed.

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