Honeywell plant announces expansion plan: safety remains main concern

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Monday, July 15, 2013 - 5:25pm

Another big announcement about our ever expanding Louisiana economy!

Governor Jindal along with Honeywell announced a $208 million investment that's coming here to Louisiana. Honeywell has four Louisiana plants, and Monday's announced expansion will create 42 new jobs, and 148 new indirect jobs.

But expanding a plant means taking a lot of safety precautions, especially after the recent plant explosions. So now governor Jindal says he’s ready to keep our workers safe.

"Without these plants we wouldn't really be able to make it," said plant worker, Tyler McNabb.

Tyler McNabb works at a plant in Geismar and he tells NBC33 he’s grateful he even has a job and now he’s thrilled more plant opportunities will be coming to our region.

"There are a lot of people who are out there that could use a job to put food on the table," noted McNabb.

But when working in a plant, there’s always some concern.

"Safety is always had been an issue since all the explosions going on we taking a little bit more precautions," he said.

Governor Jindal wants to ensure those seeking these new jobs that their safety is his main concern.

"Let’s understand what happened and make sure it doesn't happen again and make sure we have the best and safest industry right here in Louisiana," said Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal.

Michael Winans understands the risks he takes every day at work. Since the explosions, he's being cautious, just in case something was to happen to him.

"I took out a life insurance policy and I am just being careful. They pride of being safe."

He says it feels good the governor is on his side and that Honeywell is investing its money to our area and our workforce.

"There is a lot of people around here that needs jobs and will work," noted Winans.

So as the investigations continue at those plants, Governor Jindal is thinking ahead, to make sure last month's explosions don't happen again.

"One thing we will be thinking about is as a result of those investigations and they do decide they need additional state laws we will bring that to our legislatures next year when were back in regular session," noted Governor Jindal.

In the last two years, Honeywell has made significant investments to help its Louisiana plants.

And now with these expansions, Louisiana will be a hub for Honeywell business worldwide.


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