Hoo Shoo Too Road community speaks out against 'dangerous road' conditions

Monday, August 6, 2012 - 7:09pm

People living off Hoo Shoo Too road say they're fed up with bad drivers and harsh road conditions.

Just this weekend a woman died after she crashed her car on that road, and neighbors want the city-parish to step in before anyone else gets hurt.

Drivers on Hoo Shoo Too have to keep a close eye on the pavement. The road is full of sharp curves and lined with steep drainage ditches. People living on the road say add a little speed to the mix and drivers could end up doing major damage.

"All of a sudden we heard this bang," said Tim Carpenter. Carpenter lives near one of many sharp curves on Hoo Shoo Too Road. Carpenter was first on the scene Saturday. That's when according to East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's deputies 20-year-old Catherine Head's car ran off the road hit a tree and flipped over. Head was ejected from the car.

"She was comming around the corner," said Carpenter. "She must of had to have been doing 70 possibly 80 miles an hour."

Neighbors say accidents like head's are all to familiar.

"People need to be aware that this is a dangerous curve, and you just need to slow down," said Carpenter.

"Barely a week goes by where we don't have an accident or two along here," said Hoo Shoo Too Road resident Richard Perkins.

"When people are careless with their driving bad these roads aren't meant to go 55 miles an hour on," said Perkins.

Neighbors say they are tired of drivers not following the rules of the road especially the 40 mile per hour speed limit.

Now they want to see changes made to the speed limit and more warning signs for drivers.

"The speed limit needs to change," said Perkins. "The people understand that this is a residential area, and traffic shouldn't speed through here like an interstate."

Neighbors say they would also like to see more deputies patrol the area for speeders and for the parish to widen the roadway.

Carpenter says if nothing is done to the roadways more people could be hurt.

"It made me feel very sad, but it also makes me feel very frustrated that nothings being done," said Carpenter. "This is one of the most dangerous curves in the city. It just seems like they clean up the mess and go on their way"

Ingolf Partenheimer, chief traffic engineer with the East Baton Rouge Department of Public Works, says his office is opening an investigation into safety conditions along Hoo Shoo Too road. Once the investigation begins it could take about a month to complete.


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