Horses neglected and abused across the area, one local man starts Equine Rescue

Photo provided by staff.
Thursday, October 24, 2013 - 5:00pm

A capital area man is donating his time and his cash to help neglected horses in our area. He’s helping abused horses heal and find better homes.

An open pasture, shelter, fresh grass and hay are the simple things needed to keep a horse happy and of course healthy.

"This is Sam. Sam came to us 3 months ago," said horse advocate, Tim Travis.

Sam was malnourished, abused and neglected by his owners.

"They had charged his owner with animal cruelty his owner is on trial now."

But now after two months in Tim’s care, Sam is almost back to normal.

"He's going to make somebody a very good riding horse."

It all started two years ago when Tim Travis was asked to help save a horse in need.

“People got to telling me that there was a lot of this in the parish that I just never had seen either so I started looking.”

Tha)t's when he started Equine Advocates of the Feliciana’s.

“There are a lot of rescues out there for small animals but the equine rescue is hard to find and that's why I started this," noted Travis.

There are 6 other places holding the 12 horses they are taking care of right now.

"They take on as many as they can handle."

It's a team effort and they count on the people who volunteer their space, and give up their time alongside Tim to help these horses but Tim says it’s impossible to save them all.

"We have had a few that have been in such bad shape the vets recommend that they euthanize the animals,” said Travis.”It was way more than anyone could handle to try and get them back to health."

Only two months ago Molly Mae didn’t look good and now with the proper care, Molly Mae is just another horse saved from a life of pain and suffering.

“She’s a sweetheart; she’s three years old."

So now, Sam and Molly Mae, who were both on the verge of death, are now getting ready to find forever homes, thanks to Equine Advocates, of the Feliciana’s.

Tim works directly with the sheriff's office to round up abused horses. He also receives some restitution from the DA in cruelty cases.

A fundraiser and rodeo called ‘Peace, Love and Horses’ are being held to raise money on December 7th. It will be held at the New Roads Area. There will be barrel Racing, pole bending and other events. T-shirts are on sale now. To purchase one you can email

If you can’t make the fundraiser and would like to donate you can email supplies or money to PO Box 52, Ethel, LA 70730 or call (225)721-1362. You can also like them on facebook at Equine Advocates of the Felicianas.


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