How to protect your phone from hackers

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014 - 7:44pm

Everyone's talking about how to keep your private information safe after several major stars had private nude photos stolen from their cell phones.

Most of us do it on a daily basis- we snap a picture on our phones when we're out with friends or spending time with our significant other.

Sometimes we post the pics on social media, but other times we save them for our own personal viewing.

"I don't think anyone should have to go through that. I'm sure they didn't take those pictures for anybody to see," a woman told FOX44.

But, over the past few days hackers stole nude photos from several celebrities, including Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton.

"It just sucks that someone's private moment got exposed to the world," one man said.

Many of the photos were leaked on the internet.

One woman said there are more important things to worry about:  "I think there are larger issues in the world other than celebrity leaked nude photos. I think a lot going on in the Middle East is much more important."

Others say this is a good opportunity to deal with the growing problem of personal privacy invasion.

"True you probably shouldn't send those pictures out if you don't want anybody to see them or be leaked, but I don't think it was nice thing to do to leak them," another woman said.

"People's privacy is important to say the least, especially celebrities. There's gets trampled on daily," the man told FOX44.

And the scandal is making them extra cautious when it comes to capturing those personal moments through the camera lens.

"Especially if I don't know for a fact that I can trust somebody, I think twice if not three times about sending certain things or just posting certain things on the internet period. You never know where it could end up," the man said.

Follow the following safety tips to keep yourself safe from hacking:

  • Don't choose obvious security questions, like mother's maiden name or your pet's name. (Anyone can find this out on social media!)
  • Use a strong password (make sure it's at least 8 characters, upper & lower case, also include numbers).
  • Don't re-use any passwords from the past year.
  •  Use a two-step log-in (if you have the option) where you have to enter your password and then wait for a unique code to be texted to your phone to log on to your account.  

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