Keeping your kid cool in record heat

Tuesday, June 26, 2012 - 6:03pm

For many parents the thought of triple digits temperatures immediately makes them think about the safety of their children in the sun.

"It worries me a lot but also, you know I want my kids to have fun. So with me right there on their team and making sure everything is going properly, you know, I think it's going to be ok," Shanterri Womack, a mother of two, said.

Many moms who spoke to NBC33 said they have a plan of action for hot days, and some were more than willing to share their tips.

"Sunblock, lots of water, juice, Gatorade. we usually stay inside from 12:00-2:00," Shanon Richardson, a mother of two, said.

The number one rule they follow though is take your cues from your kids. They urge you to watch them carefully for a sign they've had enough sun.

"Body language, I look at his face, I make sure if he's disoriented, or he falls asleep real quick because of the heat and things like that," Womack reiterated.

"I let them tell me by looking at them to know how long to stay. I just want them to have a good day at the pool today," Betty Williams, an aunt taking her nieces and nephews to the pool, said.

Another thing to remember is that with temperatures easily hitting 100 degrees outside, inside of a hot car temperatures rapidly break dangerous levels in just a few minutes time.

"You know try to get the air circulating in there. I always try to, I have an SUV, so I always try to open the trunk and let the air escape you know prior to us getting in and settled," Sara Kinberger, an expectant mother of one, said.

Experts said children, the elderly and the mentally disabled are the most at risk for heat exhaustion. So be sure to keep an eye on both of those groups.


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